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Achieve great advantages with Your
Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

Manage your Supply Chain centrally

The platform provides modern tools for a central management of your Supply Chain Finance processes. Real-time data shown on sophisticated dashboards (SAC) improve quality of your risk management and decisions.



Improve Supplier Relationships 

Be the most attractive customer for the best-in-class suppliers by supporting their financial stability and transparent payment status. LiquidityHub offers a very rich onboarding toolset for your suppliers through various configuration possibilities.


 Achieve financial advantages with SCF 

Leverage your best investment grade for your suppliers to stabilize your Supply Chain, realize purchasing advantages and better conditions with the financed supplier. Improve also your banking relations by bundling supplier funding demand and delivering real-time transparency.

Go international with your SCF

No matter in which currencies or which countries you operate, we cover most of them and offer full visibility on transaction details for all involved parties. International accounting standards assure your always auditable Supply Chain Finance sub-ledger.