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Achieve great advantages with
Inhouse Factoring

Integrated compliant and secure platform

LiquidityHub integrates the business partners relevant to your process, such as banks, credit insurers and other data providers. Based on individual client configuration and preferences, the process can be automated up to 100%. Each step of the process remains flexible and can be adjusted based on individual client criteria (country, industry, currency, limits etc.). 


Digitized End-to-End Processes

LiquidityHub digitizes the entire Inhouse Factoring processes, from data receipt and purchase criteria checks to customer payments. A highly dynamic interface provides high flexibility in the data exchange.  The shadow ledger offers funders an always up to date and transparent accounting statement of their factoring clients.


Automated Fraud Prevention

LiquidityHub facilitates the automatic check of compliance and KYC criteria. It integrates your KYC data providers into the process so that your business partners are subject to automated checks. Smart integrated algorithms care for early detection of fraudulent transactions.


International and future oriented

LiquidityHub uses the world's leading accounting system, which automatically meets national and international accounting standards. LiquidityHub's fully integrated "banking sub-ledger" provides you with full transparency and can be integrated into your existing Chart of Accounts.